A rich & flavorful history

All Dos Luces beers start with corn as the main ingre­di­ent, using blue corn malt­ed right here in Col­orado and grown as close to home as pos­si­ble. We choose to brew our own vari­a­tions on Chicha and Pulque because of the rich his­to­ry and depth of fla­vors asso­ci­at­ed with these drinks, orig­i­nat­ing with two of the major cul­tures of Pre-Columbian North and South Amer­i­ca. Drinks like these are start­ing to make a come­back in their home coun­tries, and by mak­ing our own ver­sions of them, we hope to help spread their inspi­ra­tion.

Inti — Chicha

Inca god of the Sun.
Bright, ethereal, and powerful.

An Incan sta­ple still enjoyed through­out the Andes, Chicha is a beer brewed from corn. Var­i­ous corns can be used to craft a great Chicha. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, corn was made fer­mentable by either chew­ing on it, or by ger­mi­na­tion, much like bar­ley, into jora, a sun-dried corn malt. Dos Luces brews with malt­ed blue corn, and we mix with whole ker­nels of Peru­vian pur­ple corn to give our Chicha its dis­tinc­tive col­or and fla­vor. Our Chichas are nick­named “Inti” after the Incan god of the sun, because it offers the con­sis­ten­cy and radi­ance that makes every­one smile. Sweet and refresh­ing, Chicha is an every­day indul­gence that goes great with spicy foods from jalapeños to buf­fa­lo wings.

5% ABV


Metztli — Pulque

Aztec god of the moon.
Ominous, changing, and mischievous.

The cups of the Aztecs give us Pulque, tra­di­tion­al­ly made from the spon­ta­neous­ly fer­ment­ed aguamiel, the sap of the maguey plant. Pulque is expe­ri­enc­ing a revival across Mex­i­co, with these fresh, vibrant brews are being enjoyed late into the night. At Dos Luces, we take inspi­ra­tion from aguamiel and region­al corn, and blend­ing maguey nec­tar with our malt­ed blue corn, apply­ing our own approach to this time­less tra­di­tion. Touched with cin­na­mon and mixed with fruits the spicy, sweet, and sour fla­vors, take what might be heavy met­al sound­track and turn­ing it into a sym­pho­ny on your tongue. Nick­named “Meztli” for the Aztec god of the moon, our Pulque just might lead to some luna­cy if you’re not care­ful.  With bold sweet and sour fla­vors, as well as high­er alco­hol, Pulque offers a more intense expe­ri­ence that pairs well with com­plex dish­es like molès and rata­touille.

7% ABV



Chichas and Pulques are com­mon­ly blend­ed with fruits, spices, cof­fees, choco­lates, and in tan­ta­liz­ing refresh­ing com­bi­na­tions. Our cura­dos change sea­son­al­ly, come taste what the har­vest brings to our cups.

Chicha Morada

Made from pur­ple corn, fruit, spices, and sug­ar, think of it as Peru­vian root beer. Ours is made much like our Chicha, but unfer­ment­ed, and sweet­ened with a touch of maguey nec­tar. Gluten-Free.

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